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Unwrapping Zod Types

Zod Aide lets you clone and “unwrap” your Zod types. This means that it will remove any wrappers such as optional, default, and nullable from the Zod type, allowing you to get the base type. Here’s a sample usage:

import { z } from "";
import * as ta from "";
import * as za from "";
// define Zod types
const textOptional = z.string().optional();
// clone and unwrap Zod type
const textOptionalUC = za.coreZTA(za.clonedZodType(textOptional));
ta.assert(textOptional.isOptional() && !textOptionalUC.isOptional());
console.log("Original type is optional:", textOptional.isOptional());
"Cloned and unwrapped type is optional:",

In the above example, the textOptional type was cloned and unwrapped using the clonedZodType and coreZTA functions from Zod Aide. The clonedZodType function clones the original Zod type, and the coreZTA function unwraps it, removing the optional wrapper. The ta.assert checks that the original Zod type is optional, and the unwrapped type is not.

Terminal window
deno run ./examples/getting-started/05-unwrapping-zod-types.sqla.ts


Original type is optional: true
Cloned and unwrapped type is optional: false