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PostgreSQL Data Computing Platform (PgDCP)

SQL Aide (SQLa) was created as the infrastructure for PgDCP, an approach for using PostgreSQL to host tables, views, plus polyglot stored routines and surface them as GraphQL and REST using Postgraphile, Hasura, and PostgREST (or pREST).

Using PostgreSQL whenever possible is called our Zero Middleware automated backend as a service (AutoBaaS) strategy. AutoBaaS helps us eliminate signficant amounts of GraphQL and REST boilerplate code plus reduces the number of microservices we need to deploy and manage.

Zero Middleware is first and foremost a technology strategy but also comes with a framework of code generators and reusable components to reducing data-centric code surfaces to just PostgreSQL with auto-generated, database-first secure GraphQL and REST endpoints. For use cases when higher-performance or more secure interfaces are necessary, direct access to tables, views, and stored routines using PostgreSQL wire protocol is encouraged.

We use psql and pure-Postgres migrations as Database as Code (“DaC”) for DDL, DQL, DML, etc. when possible. Instead of relying on 3rd party dependencies for schema migrations, we use PostgreSQL-first stored routines themselves along with psql to manage idempotent migrations.

The overall objective for PgDCP is to reduce the number of tools that a developer needs to know down to just PostgreSQL and psql along with SQL and PL/* hosted languages for all services.