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Contributors Needed

SQLa (SQL Aide) is an open-source project that relies on the contributions of a diverse and talented community. We welcome contributions from individuals with different skills, backgrounds, and perspectives. By joining us as a contributor, you can help grow this project and make a meaningful impact. Below are different types of contributors we need to help take SQLa to the next level and attract sponsors to support the project:

TypeScript Developers

As a TypeScript developer, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of SQLa. Knowledge of the Zod library is a significant benefit. You can contribute by:

  • Implementing new features and enhancements in the SQLa codebase
  • Fixing bugs and optimizing performance
  • Ensuring compatibility with different versions of TypeScript
  • Reviewing and merging pull requests related to TypeScript development

SQL Developers

SQL developers with expertise in writing SQL domains, stored procedures, stored functions, CTEs, and other advanced SQL capabilities are crucial for SQLa’s success. However, we also welcome junior SQL developers who can contribute examples, unit testing, and help enhance the overall user experience. As an SQL developer, you can contribute by:

  • Providing SQL expertise and knowledge to improve the SQLa library
  • Contributing SQL templates and patterns to support different database systems
  • Enhancing existing SQL generation functionality
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on SQL-related pull requests

Documentation Writers

Documentation is essential for the success of an open-source project. We need contributors who can:

  • Create clear, comprehensive, and user-friendly documentation
  • Explain installation and usage instructions
  • Provide examples and best practices
  • Keep the documentation up to date with the latest changes

Community Managers

Building a strong and inclusive community around SQLa is vital. We need community managers who can:

  • Engage with users, answer questions, and provide support
  • Facilitate discussions and encourage collaboration
  • Foster a welcoming and respectful environment
  • Organize events, meetups, and online forums to connect contributors and users


Ensuring the quality and reliability of SQLa is of utmost importance. Testers can contribute by:

  • Writing and executing tests to identify bugs and issues
  • Verifying new features and enhancements
  • Ensuring backward compatibility with previous versions
  • Providing feedback on the user experience


Visual appeal and usability are key factors in the success of any project. We welcome designers who can:

  • Create visually appealing logos and branding materials
  • Design intuitive user interfaces for SQLa and its website
  • Enhance the overall visual experience of the project

Evangelists and Promoters

Evangelists and promoters are essential in spreading awareness and attracting new users and sponsors. You can contribute by:

  • Writing blog posts and articles about SQLa
  • Speaking at conferences and meetups
  • Sharing SQLa’s features and benefits on social media
  • Organizing events to promote the project
  • See more here

Financial Contributors

Financial contributions are crucial for the sustainability of the project. Individuals or organizations can support SQLa by:

  • Making monetary donations to cover development and maintenance costs
  • Providing sponsorships to support infrastructure and hosting expenses


Making SQLa accessible to a global audience is important to us. Translators can:

  • Translate documentation, error messages, and user interfaces into different languages
  • Help non-English-speaking users benefit from SQLa and contribute to the project

We appreciate all contributions, big and small, and value the time and effort you invest in SQLa. Together, we can make SQLa an even more powerful and widely adopted SQL generation library.

Please refer to our Contribution Guidelines for more details on how to get started as a contributor. We look forward to welcoming you to the SQLa community!