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Type Safety

Client Application-friendly Type-safety in the Database

Modern applications demand type-safety (which is why PgDCP recommends TypeScript or Rust for applications). Since applications should be type-safe, we want our data models and database objects to also be type-safe. To enhance type-safety, create custom domains, custom enumerations or lookup tables based on inheritance, business types, and inheritable transaction tables (“table types”). Once you’re using table inheritance you can use table inheritance wrapper functions.

GraphQL-first but REST-capable in the Database

All micro services code in PostgreSQL tables, views, functions and stored procedures will be surfaced through Postgraphile GraphQL first but our AutoBaaS requirements are that all services should be exposed through safe and secure REST interfaces via PostgREST (or pREST) as a fallback for non-GraphQL clients. We favor Postgraphile’s GraphQL API because it generates code which honors PostgreSQL security, roles, and unique features more faithfully than other utilities such as Hasura.