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Table DDL Aides

SQLa uses Zod to declare type-safe tables and generate SQL DDL that can be used directly in template literals.

Type-safe declarations

Assuming ctx and stsOptions are setup as in the examples above, you can import z from Zod, prepare a table definition and then use it:

const typeSafeTable1 = t.tableDefinition("synthetic_table_without_pk", {
text: z.string(),
text_nullable: z.string().optional(),
int: z.number(),
int_nullable: z.number().optional(),
type TypeSafeTable1 = z.infer<typeof typeSafeTable1.zSchema>;
const record: TypeSafeTable1 = {
text: "required",
int: 0,
text_nullable: undefined,
const templateDefn = SQLa.SQL<SyntheticTmplContext>(stsOptions)`
-- this is a minimal SQL generator template

syntheticTable1Defn is a custom-prepared (not type-safe) but typeSafeTable1 is type-safe because it’s defined using a Zod schema.