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Integrated Observability for Health, Metrics and Traceability in the Database

Observability of the database is important for forensics and quality assurance. Try to use simplified auditing based on SQL logging and FDWs to import logs instead of writing brittle custom triggers on each table/object. Separate observability into DDL changes, which can be alerted upon, as well as DML change logs which can be used for forensics. Wrap the observability of logs into a metrics table that can be scraped by Prometheus and used for alerting (e.g. whenever DDL changes occur, send alerts to anyone who needs to be informed).

Especially important is to integrate OpenTelemetry trace IDs into each DDL and DML statement so that end to end traceability becomes native to the database. Being able to track context and propogation of SQL through service layers will be critical to maintain high quality and reliability.

See semantic conventions for database client calls for how to provide traceability for database client calls and integrate W3C’s Trace Context.